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Der nächste Karriereschritt - mit guter Planung beruflich vorankommen

 At some point in your career you will reach the point at which the next career move looms. No more exciting responsibilities, few chances to advance, the job is simply not your career goal? Then it is time to take a step in your career planning that brings you forward-personally and professionally. We have compiled some tips for you that help you along the path up the career ladder.

Career and market value - recognizing the interplay

The greater your market value, the better your chances for a successful career. Conversely, it is also true that a person with a career has a high market value. Once you understand that these two factors are mutually dependent, it is easier to formulate and tackle your goal: a new step in your career planning. Work on your market value and show what you can do.

Strengthen overall qualifications - important for your next career move

So-called soft skills are qualifications that are not just valuable for one particular job. They qualify you for all occupations and are great for your next career move-thus, working on yourself is worthwhile.

Networking - the path to the next step in your career planning

A network of many contacts is the key to your career. Use your network as a source of information. Which job is opening up soon? What requirements must the candidates meet? A recruitment consultant can also provide you with valuable knowledge. With an informational edge, you are armed for your next career move.

Be visible, and your next career move is not far off

Your direct supervisors certainly know what your market value is. But if you want to proceed to your next career move, you should also be visible to others. Trade fairs, conferences and seminars are ideal opportunities for you to be seen by other companies.

Embark on a new path

When it comes to a goal-oriented career, sometimes it is necessary to not forget the side roads. Many HR managers like it when an applicant has diverse experiences and has proven his or herself in various fields of work. Thus, it is not problematic if your next career move deviates from your plan-in this way, you can already decide what step to take after your next one.

Work/life balance - the basis for your next career move

Often, career planning means more work, more performance, less time. But those who really want to be successful must be able to store energy so that even on Mondays they are effective and motivated. Therefore, always endeavour to have a balance between work and private life. The quality of your free time matters, even if it is not always 50:50. It is therefore imperative that you discuss your next career move with your family in order to avoid tension. Relocation, a lot of overtime, new colleagues-you need the backing and support of your social surroundings for everything that goes along with the next step in your career planning. Here you can store up energy that you can transform into performance every day in order to continue climbing the career ladder.