I started working at PageGroup in March 2017, as a Marketing Manager for our Mexican market. About two years later, I was offered to extend my scope and take on the responsibility of our Latin America marketing operations and team. In July 2019, shortly after accepting my new position, I moved to Buenos Aires to be part of our newly opened Shared Services Centre which meant I was closer to even more teams and colleagues.

This was a huge opportunity: being able to create a central team from scratch in Argentina, while building on the technical skills and expertise of our people throughout the region to drive our marketing programmes! I saw it as an excellent way to bring our marketing function in LATAM to the next level. At the same time, moving to Buenos gave me the opportunity to meet many more of my colleagues than when I was in Mexico – including IT, HR and Finance teams – and to provide them with more visibility on our marketing activities along the way.

The key to a successful international move is wanting to do something different. You have to learn how to communicate with your new team, starting with getting to know your new colleagues, the office, the informal communication channels and how to approach key stakeholders. They’re all essential to ensure a smoother process. I also kept remembering that less is more. Focusing on quick wins at first is easier to manage and control, and gives you that extra space and time to develop long term strategies.

Clearly having a good support system is also crucial. With Page, I had the chance to get great support from everyone around me: my leaders were really clear and helpful from the beginning of the transition. Our HR team stayed close to help me through all phases of the move: finding housing, getting to know the country, induction sessions with the team in Argentina, and more!

How do I feel today? Excited! It’s been quite a journey already – even though the Covid context brought its own set of new challenges. Like for many worldwide, our team meetings and individual catch ups have taken place via Microsoft Teams. We’ve kept it fun by organising virtual team building activities and informal hangouts. Looking after yourself is really important, so one of the priorities for me and my team has been to keep a good balance between doing a great job and delivering results, as well as making sure we’re ok. It’s been a great experience to see how we’ve continued to work well together, delivering consistent results and seeing the team grow, despite the challenges.